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How To Protect Your Young Athlete From Injury


Spring is here, which means that outdoor athletic activities and sports are coming back into play, and every parent wants to protect their child from potential foot and ankle and other injuries and trauma as much as possible. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks to help support your youngsters as they head into outdoor sports season and summer fun.

  1. Have your child go through warm up drills prior to playing. Lightly stretch or jog before a big game or practice.
  2. Condition your muscles. Have your child practice and build up strength before heading into a match.
  3. Choose the correct athletic shoes. Ask a podiatrist for the best footwear advice for your kid.
  4. Make sure their shoes are still in good condition. Replace old shoes with new ones if possible.
  5. Avoid uneven ground. Be careful on rocky terrain or hills with loose gravel. When training for races, train on the surface you’ll eventually run on.
  6. Be careful when running uphill/downhill. Be careful when running downhill too fast.
  7. Prevent recurrent injuries.  Your child may benefit from custom orthotics or braces.
  8. Teach your child to listen to their body. Show them it is okay to rest and recover after prolonged or strenuous activity.


Children are easily influenced and shaped, that is why it is important to instill healthy habits in your young athletes in order to prevent foot and ankle and other injuries. But since not everything is preventable, should an injury occur, our podiatrist, Zinoviy Rabinovich is ready to help!


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