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Dr. Zinoviy Rabinovich D.P.M. (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) is a Board-Certified Physician and Surgeon of Foot and Ankle. Zinoviy hails from Odessa, Ukraine, having come to Chicago in 1991 with hopes and dreams of most emigrants to this great United States. He started out like many, working at fast-food establishments and grocery stores while earning his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from University of Illinois at Chicago. This was a turning point for Dr. Rabinovich as he hadn’t yet settled on what would come next.

It just so happened, that at the time, he had a very troublesome ingrown toenail and was referred to a local podiatrist. He didn’t realize that in America, there was such a specialist, specifically for the foot and ankle. Right at the initial visit, the podiatrist performed a quick, non-invasive procedure, and Dr. Rabinovich left the office smiling and pain free. He liked the notion of making people feel better on the spot, versus waiting for months to see and feel any improvement. He decided right then and there to go into podiatry, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Dr. Rabinovich was accepted into Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine and upon graduation, completed general podiatry residency program at the Cook County Hospital in Chicago, followed by surgical residency at the Arizona VA in Tucson AZ. In 2003 he returned to Chicago and soon opened his first practice, Absolute Foot and Ankle Clinic in Northbrook. His second location, Absolute Medical Care in Crest Hill commenced in 2008, serving the Will County residents of Illinois.

At both locations, the doctor addresses foot care needs of the entire family, from wobbly toddlers, to teen athletes, to on-their-feet-all-day professionals, and of course, of our deserving seniors.

Dr. Rabinovich’s practice is greatly dedicated to senior foot care, a significant portion of which is diabetic foot care, as this population is most sensitive to foot and ankle ailments and requires continuous monitoring to avoid potential complications. Nail and callus care, ulcer treatment, furnishing diabetic shoes and custom bracing for stability, are some of the examples of senior foot care performed by the Doctor.

For youngsters, athletes, and active adults suffering from flat feet, persistent of sudden injuries and trauma, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), neuromas, and general foot and ankle discomfort, an array of custom orthotics, strappings, exercise recommendations, steroid, neurolytic, platelet rich plasma, and the latest—amniotic fluid injections for non-healing tendon and ligament pain are utilized at the practice. And of course, there are fungus, infections, and plantar warts, for which there is an arsenal of treatments in the Doctor’s bag, from traditional to laser removal, as well as numerous medication options.

Podiatry also covers the surgical correction of foot and ankle ailments such as bunions, hammer toes, injury repair and many others. Dr. Rabinovich is pleased to offer his extensive experience and expertise in both traditional and minimally invasive surgery to his patients, performed at Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Both, the Northbrook and the Crest Hill locations are beautiful state-of-the-art facilities, with a plethora of modern diagnostics, including a podiatry X-Ray on site. Dr. Rabinovich’s staff is also long-term, making it feel like family in the office as everyone knows most patients by name and history, and there are plenty of genuine smiles and care to go around on daily basis. English, Ukrainian, and Russian are spoken by Doctor and staff.

Additionally, Doctor’s patients enjoy the ease and convenience of scheduling their appointments, minimal wait time while in office, same-day procedures, confidence that the focus will be on them and not on computer during the visit, obtaining a measured productive outcome or desired result right after the appointment, highest sanitation and safety standards, and financial considerations and flexibility.

The above are just some of the tenets that Dr. Rabinovich and his staff adhere to, unique to his practice, and that is what keeps the thousands of satisfied patients returning to Absolute Foot and Ankle Clinic and Absolute Medical Care, as well as referring their children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to Dr. Rabinovich.

While the healthcare system has been changing around him over the past seventeen years, both—the Doctor’s mission and its realization have remained steadfast since his first days in practice:

You depend on your feet to carry you through life. With my medical knowledge and experience, personalized compassionate approach to every patient, and using the most current and innovate treatment solutions, you can depend on me to keep you on your journey.”

Dr. Zinoviy Rabinovich D.P.M, Podiatrist Northbrook 847-297-9660 Crest Hillo 815-838-9505

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